F.O.O.D is an acronym for Food of Overwhelming Distinction. It’s not only or specifically about food, but rather about the creation of an all-encompassing dining experience–one that combines gastronomic indulgence in a refined and personal social environment.

F.O.O.D sets a new benchmark in hospitality. Redefining and transforming an industry built on customer service to one that’s experiential, by fusing what you taste, touch smell, hear and see into one singular personal experience. We account for, and touch, all the senses by merging and shaping cuisine, entertainment and design each time you pass though a door.

F.O.O.D is luxury — it enhances the intrinsic value of an experience to a level where guests are taken care of, comfortable, and upon reflection, consider the experience a privilege and enriching to their lives.


We combine the design production expertise that are the hallmarks of Colin Cowie’s reputation with the culinary talents of the worlds greatest chefs – fusing them into a food and beverage company unlike any other; one that services the club industry as a whole, from dining to banqueting and everything in between. At F.O.O.D we will create a food and beverage program specifically designed to satisfy and excite your members and guests each and every time and to be a working asset to the club.

The mood is set by a confluence of all the elements – whether dining by the pool, having a cocktail at the bar, or enjoying an evening with friends and family in the main dining room or the Grill Room – the food served is only one piece of a greater puzzle that makes you want to come back. The way the phone is answered when a reservation is made, the manner in which you are welcomed, the music that’s playing, the volume at which it’s playing, how the lighting is set, the temperature in the room, the selection of china, linens, silverware and crystal, and how the food is served all impact the member experience. Courtesy, comfort, and cuisine are blended to insure satisfaction, recognizing and appreciating each and every member.

F.O.O.D delivers an exceptional and diverse culinary experience in the club environment; a restaurant-like experience of refined New American cuisine delivered with proactive service that anticipates and meets the needs of your members replete with all the Colin Cowie touches.

Who We Are

The alliance between Colin Cowie and some of the greatest chefs in the world brings together a team of highly select and recognized established leaders that are consummate pursuers of excellence, performing at the highest possible standards, leaving no detail unattended, always delivering excellence in a sensorial pinnacle of satisfaction.

Owned and managed by industry leaders from the worlds of design, food and hospitality, F.O.O.D brings together the mastery of renowned designer and event producer Colin Cowie, a roster of celebrity chefs including Alfred Portale, Laurent Tourendol, Ming Tsai, and an expert in food and beverage operations, Stephan Baroni. Together their combined DNA will continuously drive to exceed customer satisfaction in ways never dreamt before. Their talents and rich backgrounds in creativity, as leaders in innovation and as experts in operations are unparalleled. As Colin says, “We dine with our eyes and then our palette.” The food itself is just one component of the whole experience and whether it’s cocktails on Friday evening with friends, dinner on Saturday with family or breakfast during the week with business associates, it’s the sum of all touch points – that will deliver an experience too rarely seen.

Our Chefs

Chef Portale has been at the helm of Gotham Bar & Grill for three decades where he has earned countless accolades including four James Beard Awards, five 3-Star Reviews from the New Times and 20 Years in the Zagats top 10 most popular restaurants. These accolades and Portale’s dedication to Gotham have made him one of the most respected figures in the American Culinary Scene garnering honorary recognition from The Culinary Institute of America, the Esquire Restaurant Hall of Fame, The Michelin Guide, Meals on Wheels, CCAP Along this 30-yearjourney at Gotham, Portale has spearheaded other ventures including the relaunching of Steven Starr’s Striped Bass which earned the highest ratings from Philadelphia Inquirer and an award from the James Beard House; the opening of Gotham Steak in 2008 in the Fontainebleau Resort, which was quickly recognized as one of Miami’s best restaurants; and since 2006 Portale has designed the menus for Singapore Airlines first class passengers.

Ming Tsai is a James Beard and Emmy award-winning chef, author and TV personality. Ming is the leading face of East-West cooking across the US. East-West is the harmonious blending of Eastern ingredients and techniques with Western ingredients and techniques. It is an exciting way to eat, featuring plays of texture, temperature, sour, salty, spicy and sweet. Ming’s cuisine is showcased in both of his restaurants Blue Ginger and Blue Dragon. Blue Ginger has been one of Boston’s top rated restaurants since it premiered in 1998. Recently opened, Blue Dragon has already been awarded one of Esquire Magazine’s Best New Restaurants 2013 in the country. Ming serves as the President, National Advisory Board, of the Family Reach organization, a non-profit whose mission is to provide financial relief and support to families fighting cancer.

As Chef and Owner, Laurent Tourondel will oversee L’Amico’s menu of American cuisine with Italian influences. He helms the L’Amico kitchen following a career of over 40 successful restaurant openings and countless consulting projects. A native of France, Tourondel moved to New York and worked at the three-star Michelin Relais & Chateau Troisgros, before becoming Executive Chef of C.T., Claude Troisgros’ debut restaurant in the city. After a time at the Palace Court Restaurant at Caesar’s Palace Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Tourondel returned to New York to open Cello, his first solo endeavor. When Cello closed its doors, Tourondel traveled around the world learning about different cuisine that would dictate his menus at the soon-to-open BLT Steak (2004), BLT Fish (2005), BLT Prime (2005), BLT Burger (2006), and BLT Market (2007), with LT Burger in the Harbor, LT Bar & Grill, LT Burger and Arlington Club, thereafter. Currently, he is the Executive Chef at Brasserie Ruhlmann in Manhattan. Named Bon Appétit magazine’s 2007 Restaurateur of the Year award winner, Tourondel has published three cookbooks, which earned him a 2008 James Beard Foundation Award nomination. Tourondel will open L’Amico in Chelsea in May 2015.


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